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Dita: My home is well lit

Dita Von Teese has special lighting throughout her home to ensure she always looks her best.

The 41-year-old burlesque star prides herself on dressing the part at all times. Even so, she gives herself a little extra help when she’s at home to ensure she always looks her best.

“I have good lighting in every room of my house. I am never traumatised by stumbling into bad lighting in various states of undress,” she told “I have dimmer switches in every single room, and in my bathroom and bedroom, where I’d be getting dressed, I tend toward pink light or pink walls because it’s a really flattering colour. I have very few white walls in my house and lots of colourful ones.”

Dita has been interested in lingerie since she was a teenager and worked in an underwear store. Since then she has made it her mission to only wear pretty undergarments, such as lacy lingerie and corsets.

Her dedication to looking good extends to photographs, both professionally and personally. In this day and age many of her fans want to take pictures of her when she is out and about and Dita approaches posing for them just as she would a photoshoot.

“If there’s a flash, I’m looking down into the camera. If not, we’ve got to lift our faces up. Again, you have to think about your lighting. In the era of camera phones, you need to figure out your good side and your ‘camera face.’ It’s totally acceptable to analyse that,” she advised.

The star’s love of pretty pieces has caused her to create her own lingerie line called Von Follie. She has also created a make-up range.

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