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Dita Von Teese: 'Bad photos could ruin my legacy'

Burlesque star Dita Von Teese sometimes thinks she should quit her career when she glimpses a photo of herself in bad lighting.

Dita Von Teese won't take photos with fans if the lighting is bad as she doesn't want to damage her legacy.

The 43-year-old burlesque star is exact about her look, which is one of the reasons she does her own hair and make-up rather than relying on a beauty team. Dita knows what suits her and when she looks her best, and she won't put herself in a position which could mean her aesthetic is sullied.

"Growing up I was mediocre looking. Even now, I see a photo of myself taken in bad lighting and think I should quit what I do immediately," she told Britain's Hello! magazine, before opening up about her thoughts on camera phones and selfie culture.

"There is so much of it now. I feel bad sometimes when I say no to a fan who wants an iPhone picture but we'll be in the worst lighting possible and I think, 'I don't want this to be my legacy.' My favourite thing now is when someone has a conversation with me and they don't ask for a picture. I love that."

Dita is able to get ready in ten minutes and despite her unique look, she doesn't wear a huge amount of make-up. Red lipstick, a spot of foundation and some powder to set is what she rocks on a day-to-day basis, and she always has her eyebrows dyed black to stop her looking too "faded".

The star dyes her hair black herself every fortnight, but is highly aware that her look isn't for everyone.

"I've been called Dracula and Elvira (US character also known as the Mistress of the Dark), which I take as a compliment," she explained. "I've even been made fun of for looking like myself. I was walking down the street in London and someone said, 'That girl thinks she's Dita von Teese.' It was funny."

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