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Dita Von Teese: Ditch the Crocs!

Dita Von Teese cannot understand why people wear Crocs when they go out.

The burlesque star's signature style is iconic - she is all about perfectly coiffed black hair, red lipstick and slim-fitting dresses that show off her dainty waist. While the 41-year-old star doesn't expect people to look perfectly groomed at all times, she doesn't understand those who make no effort on special occasions.

"Take a look around you. I actually just saw someone wearing Crocs in a nightclub. I think those shoes were made for gardening or something," she told the British edition of Hello! magazine.

"I think that there are many people that still understand that there is an etiquette that exists in dressing, it's not just about fashion or wanting to look good."

Dita understands clothing is a personal decision, but insists everyone should want to make the best of themselves. It doesn't have to take a lot of money either, which is actually why Dita started dressing in a retro way.

"Personally, I like to dress with care not just because it makes me feel good about myself, but because I think it's important to set an example of decent manners by dressing properly for occasions," she explained. "I enjoy dressing up and glamour doesn't have to be expensive. I first started wearing vintage clothes because I couldn't afford new ones. That's where my love of retro style comes from. A tube of red lipstick hardly costs anything either."

Dita is helping other women get a little of her signature style. She has an underwear line and recently added a range of maternity pieces to it.

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