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Dita Von Teese: Don't be lazy with lipstick

Burlesque beauty Dita Von Teese can't fathom why some people apply layers of lipstick, insisting it's best to wash your mouth and start again.

Dita Von Teese never reapplies lipstick; instead she completely removes it and starts from scratch throughout the day.

The burlesque star's look has become her signature, involving porcelain skin, bold red lipstick and pitch black hair. She prides herself on looking immaculate, which is why she is against any kind of shortcut involving her make-up.

"I always, throughout the day, take my lipstick off and start over," she told Vogue Australia. "I wipe it off and exfoliate with a clean cloth so that it looks fresh and feels fresh. Every day my routine is: I have lunch, I wipe off my lipstick. Then I brush my teeth and I give a good scrub.”

Dita insists this is the only way to ensure her mouth looks fresh, plus she is a fan of having to work a little bit to achieve a certain look. Anything which comes too easily is probably not worth it, according to the 43-year-old star.

Even the application of her lipstick is fraught with more steps than most, with Dita ensuring her mouth is perfectly powdered before she goes anywhere near it with colour. Apparently this is the key to getting the shade to stick, as lipstick holds well to a matte surface. All of the time and effort is worth it, as Dita has been applying the same sort of cosmetics for so long, she's now a dab hand at speeding through it - in fact, it only takes her half an hour to be completely ready for a major showbiz event.

"Practice makes perfect," she said. "I don’t need a ‘glam squad’ to get me ready for red carpets, I like having that alone time to get ready and I feel accomplished that I can do it on my own."

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