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Dita Von Teese inspired by Dietrich

Dita Von Teese says iconic actress-and-singer Marlene Dietrich is the inspiration behind her scent.

The burlesque performer named the iconic actress-and-singer as the inspiration behind her fragrance.

The star is launching two fragrances on HSN Television from the end of April, her signature Dita Von Teese scent and a second product named Rouge.

“[My fragrance is] sultry, not a little girlish scent with vanilla or other gourmet ingredients. 'What is the scent of a femme fatale?' I wanted the scent to be more womanly, like something Marlene Dietrich would wear,” Dita told WWD.

Dita decided to develop her own womanly perfume after a former boyfriend gave her sobering advice.

His comments spurred her to begin the process of making her own unique smell.

“I was walking down the street in Paris with him, and he asked what perfume do I wear?... It was one of those old perfumes from long ago... Once I told him, he said, ‘Oh, my mother wears that'," she revealed. "A friend later told me, ‘Either get rid of the boyfriend or the perfume’… It took a year for me to develop my fragrance.”

Along with her two scents Dita will be selling her lingerie line on the American home shopping channel.

She has been designing lingerie based on her personal tastes for the past two years.

The star wants to make beautiful vintage underwear at an affordable price.

“The lingerie collection [for HSN] has universal appeal, because I love lingerie and I have tons and tons of it… I am a collector of beautiful lingerie, but my goal is to have this lingerie for HSN pass as being one of those things that I collect. I think I have definitely accomplished that and have even asked friends ‘Which of these panties is the most expensive?’ A lot chose the $25 panty for HSN,” Dita admitted. “But I want to make it clear I am not designing for HSN - I’ve designed these pieces before, and I design the line and create the fragrance. I feel I am speaking to authentic, real women… I’m not the type to sit down and say, ‘Give me the [design] brief.’”

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