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Dita Von Teese launches nail range

Dita Von Teese has unveiled her retro-inspired nails.

The 39-year-old burlesque performer is famed for her vintage aesthetic, and regularly steps out sporting a variety of traditional 1940s-style garb.

Dita has put her name to some false nails by beauty brand Kiss Nails. The talons, which come in a range of 24 sizes, are shaped like ovals with a pointed tip and come ready-varnished in pillarbox red lacquer. Their shape is inspired by the way women wore their nails in the 30s and 40s - something Dita is very familiar with.

"I love tributes to the past that become modern again with a little twist", she explained in an interview with British newspaper The Telegraph.

Dita's half-moon manicure nails are the result of extensive research into the glamorous era.

The raven-haired beauty collaborated with her manicurist mother at the beginning of her career to emulate the glamorous style, which she is thrilled is now spilling into the mainstream.

"When I was researching style in the early part of my career, I looked very closely at the details of photographs of women of those decades and noticed that they would leave the moon of the nail bed bare; sometimes they would leave a sliver of white at the tip too," she explained.

"So I showed the pictures to my mother, who has been a manicurist for 30 years, and she would patiently paint my nails in this style, sometimes experimenting with colours. All these years later the trend is finally catching on, so I wanted to offer a shortcut to the classic half-moon manicure - a way for everyone to wear it without going through the drama of explaining to your manicurist what you want it and how to do it".

Dita is glad she can add a touch of opulence to ladies' lives with her talons. The stunning star says nails are a great conversation starter, if nothing else.

"My nails are for anyone who wants to take their retro look to the next level or just infuse a little glamour in their lives", she said.

"Anyway it's a great conversation piece to say you are wearing the same kind of manicure as Marlene Dietrich wore. I've struck up many a conversation over the years with my nails".

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