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Dita Von Teese loves alluring lingerie

Dita von Teese finds lingerie "fascinating".

The raven-haired beauty is celebrated for her talent as a world-renowned Burlesque artist. Dita is famed for her elaborate stage routines and seductive retro-inspired attire.

The stunning star thinks underwear is a wonderful creation.

"I've always loved lingerie. I worked in a lingerie store from age 15 and for me, it's always been this fascinating, mysterious secret among women. It's less about the seduction of men and more about honouring yourself with something beautiful, just for you," she explained in an interview with Burlesque Bible.

"I love how lingerie shapes my body, from the lines and the frame a garter belt and stockings create, and the way patches of skin show through alluringly. This kind of lingerie appeals to my love of 1930s and 40s era glamour; they go hand in hand."

Dita is famed for her ever-glamorous aesthetic. She has revealed the secret to creating her opulent look.

"Red lipstick," she replied when asked what make-up item she couldn't live without.

"If I have a sweep of powder, red lips and a pair of sunglasses, it looks completely 'done' - and it takes all of two minutes to accomplish!"

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