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Dita Von Teese only dates men with smart shoes

Dita Von Teese would never date a man who wore all-weather footwear like Crocs or UGG boots.

The burlesque star is known for her love of dressing up and looking glamorous.

The 40-year-old says being in a relationship with a man who sports all-weather footwear is one of her greatest fears.

"Straight hair is my worst nightmare, I wouldn't leave the house with straight hair. I'd find a way to curl it. Hot rollers, I'm a big fan of hot rollers. I've been wearing my hair in the same way for almost 20 years. It's dead straight usually. I also have nightmares about getting a sunburn and going out with someone who wears Crocs,” Dita joked to Harper's Bazaar's The Look. “Or dating someone who wears UGG boots."

The individual star has carefully crafted her own unique style. As a result she receives fashion privileges that other celebrities who rely on stylists don't.

"I wear this dress from my own collection a lot. It's called the second look dress. You could call me DIY Von Teese. I'm a do-it-yourself girl and I don't have a glam squad," Dita explained.

"Stylists say how can you borrow Jean Paul Gautier Haute Couture, which they are really specific about who can borrow, they don't even send it to the Oscars. I can get it because I go in myself and speak to the powers that be. My whole career has been built around fashion and beauty."

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