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Dita Von Teese: 'Red lips have to be perfect'

Dita Von Teese loves all kinds of lipstick, whether they're from a drugs store or a designer label.

Burlesque star Dita Von Teese insists red lips always have to be applied perfectly, despite magazine editors' advice to the contrary.

The 43-year-old is renowned for her perfect vintage-style make-up and signature red lip, and in a new tutorial for Mode, the beauty explains how to nail her favourite hue.

For Dita, the key to perfecting the look all begins with applying lip liner correctly.

"I love a really deliberate, sharp perfect line; it's a classic 1940s and 50s style," she said in the video. "I know that some fashion magazines will tell you that a red lip shouldn't be too perfect, but I'm telling you that it should. I always start with a lip liner, as it's essential to getting that really vibrant, red lip, with lots of saturated colour, which I love."

Dita uses a MAC Cosmetics cherry lip liner in the footage, outlining her lips first before filling in the entire space to act as a base for her chosen shade of lipstick.

"I always use, even if I'm going to use an orange or a fuchsia, I still like using a nice deep red or pink, a vibrant colour lip liner because it adds a lot of depth," she continued. "I really love when it's a saturated colour and I fill in the entire lip as it gives a great base and excellent staying power for your lipstick."

When it comes to the brands she likes to use, Dita isn't too fussy, although she does have a penchant for a designer label or two.

"I love all kinds of lipstick, I have lipsticks that cost me $1.99 but I do love a luxurious, gold packaged lipstick," she said. "I especially love a very matte red lip as it's one of the easy ones to wear. Matte texture has the best staying power of any other lipstick."

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