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Dita Von Teese teams with Louboutin

Dita Von Teese's erotic lingerie line with Christian Louboutin is called XXXtian as a nod to the shoe designer's email signature.

The burlesque beauty is an expert in designing underwear, with her own range Von Follies by Dita Von Teese and a pregnancy line with Destination Maternity created earlier this year.

Continuing her collaborations, Dita has worked on a seven-piece capsule lingerie collection with the footwear giant to be sold on e-tailer

It's called XXXtian and will feature pieces such as a bodice, suspenders and a bra with a silk finish, a delicate Leavers lace trim and a toile de Jouy motif created by Louboutin.

The name of the range is a nod to the shoe designer's signature 'Xtian' at the end of his emails.

“Given the erotic nature of the print, we decided to name [the collection] XXXtian," she smiled to WWD.

This is Louboutin's first ever venture into the world of lingerie and prices on the website, based in Nancy, Eastern France, will begin at $108.34 (87.42 Euros) for panties, rising to $929.40 (749.92 Euros) for a negligee kimono.

Dita is known for her attention to detail and often shares advice on how women can feel seductive in underwear. One tip she has given to ladies who want to feel comfortable is simple; cut the label out.

“I think the biggest mistake is being fixated on a particular size and buying because you want to be a certain size. It’s a big mistake. I used to do that. I used to buy small underwear and the day that I discovered how a medium pair of underwear felt, it was like heaven!” she previously told “Cut off the tags if you don’t like to see the size. Actually, you should cut out the size in your tags anyway. That’s the first thing you should do - you don’t want a tag hanging out when you’re trying to be a mistress of seduction!”

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