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Dita Von Teese: ‘Wearing make-up is just good manners’

Dita Von Teese feels her most confident when she’s made up, which is why she is most of the time.

Dita Von Teese makes an effort all the time because she believes that’s a sign of good manners.

The burlesque star may look like she makes a great deal of effort with her appearance, but she insists she can get ready in 10 minutes flat. She is rarely seen without cosmetics when she is out and about, and Dita prides herself on not being seen au naturel.

“I’m always in sunglasses, with my hair pulled back and my red lipstick on,” she told Britain’s Hello! magazine. “It’s not like I’m afraid of being seen without make-up but it’s good manners to present yourself in a nice way. I also have more confidence when I’m made up.”

The star is famed for her perfectly-applied red lipstick and jet black hair, which she dyes every fortnight at home. Although this probably seems like a lot of work to some people, Dita insists she isn’t the sort of woman who expects much from others.

“It can seem like I’m a high maintenance woman if you don’t know me, but I’m only high maintenance for myself,” she said. “There are lots of unglamorous moments when you’re a do-it-yourself kind of girl... I don’t always wear make-up in the house. I walk around in one of my long dressing gowns – I’m not trotting around permanently in high heels.”

Dita believes glamour is something which is available to everyone, no matter how what they look like. If there is one piece of wisdom she hopes to impart, it’s that beauty can be created – it doesn’t have to be a birth right.

“Some of the most glamorous people I know are that way because they wanted to be,” she said. “(Cosmetics entrepreneur) Helena Rubinstein said, ‘There are no ugly women in the world, only lazy ones.’ You needn’t spend a lot of time getting ready – in five minutes, there are things you can do to help feel confident.”

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