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Dita’s nudity rules

Dita Von Teese would never dream of "trotting about" in a barely-there outfit.

The burlesque star is obsessed with vintage lingerie, which she has collected for most of her life. She has also created her own line of underwear and has many rules when it comes to how she wears the pieces.

"I got some great advice from a French woman that I respect very much. She said, ‘Never just go walking around in front of a man just buck naked and flat footed. Keep some mystery to it,'” she recalled to

“It’s really not about wearing a tiny, skimpy outfit and trotting around. Real lingerie places a lot of significance in the shape and being body flattering.”

Dita looks for "retro styles" when choosing her lingerie, because they usually offer more coverage. She is aware that what she likes won't appeal to everyone though, which is why she offers so many versions in her underwear line.

"One of the things I’m very sensitive to, from my earlier years working in a lingerie store, is that we all like different shapes in our lingerie. So for each collection I design three pairs of knickers – a brief, bikini, and G-string or thong," she explained.

Dita hopes her collections have mass appeal and show women an easy way to feel sexy. She wants her look to be attainable for fans, which is why she doesn't employ a huge team of stylists and hairdressers to prepare her for shoots and shows.

"I do it myself because I’m trying to empower other women to do it themselves too. It’s the same with lingerie, glamour isn’t just for the special people – it’s for anyone who wants it," she said.

The 41-year-old star's interest in lingerie was piqued when she was 15 and she's been a collector ever since. Nowadays finding key pieces can be tricky though, as so many other women share her love of underwear.

"The only way you come across truly wonderful vintage pieces is when people are ready to give them up, and there aren’t a lot of people who are willing to do that," she explained.

"I know a lot of the greatest collectors in the world and I know how we are about our great scores. We’re obsessed and constantly scouring. I have my own set of keywords that I use – over wire bras, long line girdles, corsets, bullet bras – you just kind of have to learn the lingo and how to use eBay and Etsy properly – Etsy’s another really great one.”

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