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Dolly Parton: For me, fitness is a fad

Dolly Parton always says she'll do more exercise but never gets round to it.

The platinum-blonde country singer may be 68, but her work schedule is as hectic as ever.

As well as being known for her vocal talents, Dolly is instantly recognisable for her rhinestone covered clothes, love of make-up and huge hairstyle. While she may flaunt her slender frame while prancing around the stage, Dolly is the same as any other woman when it comes to resolutions.

"Oh it's always the same old thing; I'm gonna exercise more this year, I'm gonna eat better. And that lasts for a couple of weeks and then I'm right back where I started. So I don't make 'em, cos I always break 'em," Dolly smiled to the British edition of Glamour magazine.

Dolly has famously admitted to copying the style of the town tramp when she was younger, as she lusted after the big hair and bold make-up look.

She's always stayed true to the over-the-top fashion she so loves and has no regrets about choosing that persona.

"I’m not a natural beauty, so I have to kinda paint 'n' powder and put it all on, so that the way I dress kinda fits the way I feel. I’ve always been very comfortable with that, it honestly is the truth that I patented my look after [the town tramp], because I was impressed. To me, that was what beauty was. And that just fits my style. And I still love the flare and the gaud," she recently told

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