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Dolly Parton: I love to shine

Dolly Parton says she isn't a natural beauty.

The 68-year-old singer has been in the spotlight since the late 60s, winning fans over with her catchy country tracks. Alongside her music Dolly has also become recognisable thanks to her iconic style and wears everything from chequered shirts with denim jeans to shimmering dresses. She previously cited the 'town tramp' as her fashion inspiration and has explained what she means by that.

"Well, I actually love anything that glitters and shines. I love a lot of colour and close fitting clothes. I always say I buy my clothes two sizes too small and then I have them taken in," she explained to "I just love my clothes to fit me good and that was the thing about the town tramp - she had a lot of colour, a lot of flare. She showed her legs, she showed her boobs, she showed her waist line, she had her nails, she had her hair all piled up, she was just really beautiful - and that’s the way I felt inside."

Dolly enjoys wearing bold make-up too, favouring heavily lined lips and bright eyeshadow. It takes a lot of work to get her finished look spot on but she won't be changing her distinct appearance any time soon.

"I’m not a natural beauty, so I have to kinda paint n’ powder and put it all on, so that the way I dress kinda fits the way I feel," she smiled "I’ve always been very comfortable with that, it honestly is the truth that I patented my look after that, because I was impressed. To me that was what beauty was. And that just fits my style. And I still love the flare and the gaud."

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