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Dolly Parton: I'm always TV ready

Dolly Parton refuses to answer her door without looking like she's "about to go on television".

The country music legend stars alongside Queen Latifah in the new movie Joyful Noise, which is helmed by Todd Graff.

The director was stunned by Dolly's extensive beauty regime. He revealed the petite star's commitment to creating her signature look.

"I said to Dolly, 'I have never seen you without the wig, the nails, the make-up, dressed like you're about to go on television,'?" he told the New York Daily News.

"And she said, 'You never will. If you ring my doorbell at 8am, I'm going to look like this!'

"I asked, 'What if I rang at five to 8?' And she said, 'Then I won't answer it!'"

Dolly is famously fastidious about her appearance and never leaves home unless she has her make-up on and her hair in place.

The 65-year-old plays a larger-than-life woman who comes to blows with Latifah's character over how to win a national choir competition in Joyful Noise.

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