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Dominic Cooper: Designers create art

Dominic Cooper loves the way fashion "influences generations".

The 35-year-old actor has previously admitting finding the industry "ludicrous", but insists that wasn't meant in a derogatory way. Rather he is astounded by the level of workmanship which goes into each and every collection.

"What I meant was I can't believe how easily fads come back into style, like skinny jeans," he told British magazine InStyle. "But I've always loved fashion. It influences generations and resonates with a moment in time. I love seeing what designers come up with, especially young designers. I think they're artists."

When he was growing up, the British star didn't think too much about what he wore. He tried to stay with the trends but didn't have a lot of spare cash to splurge on designer pieces. That is why he can vividly remember when he first splashed out on a key piece.

"When I got paid for doing The History Boys in New York, I bought a nice suit. No idea who by, but it was a big moment as, before that, I'd only worn hand-me-downs with baggy kneecaps. I certainly didn't have the money to buy suits when I was a teenager," he said.

These days Dominic has got his signature look down. He prefers a relaxed aesthetic to anything overly fussy, and is set on what he will and won't wear when he isn't working.

"I love anything vintage, a good quality suit, scruffy jeans and my trusty leather army boots. I like being casual. As an actor, I'm in costume all the time. That's why fancy dress parties are my idea of hell," he laughed.

The actor has previously discussed his love of smart attire, insisting one of the best things about attending premieres is that he gets to wear a suit. He has some tips for ensuring a man always looks smart.

"Get it altered slightly, make it your own. Make the arms thinner, take some length off the bottom or [have it] taken in at the back. I enjoy wearing a suit," he smiled.

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