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Donatella Versace not relaxed

Donatella Versace has joked she is "anti- Zen".

The Italian designer and vice-president of the Versace group is incredibly hard working.

The star she often gets frustrated if she feels her operation is running behind schedule.

However, she does try to polite to all her staff even if she gets a little irritated.

"I hate waiting for people to understand what I want. It drives me really mad, but I always apologise in the end. I need to work on it," she told French Vogue. "And, for god's sake, keep me away from anything which goes slow! I am the opposite from zen, I am a strongly anti-meditative person."

The 56-year-old confessed that she tried yoga to try and slow her down.

However, the experiment had disastrous results.

"One day, I tried yoga. The coach was very good, very famous. After an hour, I was thinking 'I loved that except I thought I was dying every minute,'" she laughed.

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