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Douglas Booth sympathises with costume designers

Douglas Booth has described the elaborate and intricate wardrobe demands from the set of Romeo and Juliet.

The British actor stars as Romeo to Hailee Steinfeld's Juliet in the new adaptation of William Shakespeare's play.

Douglas described his costumes and shared just how complicated and intricate his wardrobe was on set.

"Yeah, a lot of work went into them," he told GQ. "We had Milena Canonero, who's a three-time Academy Award-winning costume designer, she oversaw the whole look of the piece and Carlo Poggioli, her sort of protégé, designed the actual costumes and it was, yeah, a huge amount of work. I swear, I split my pants a million times down the crotch when I was fencing. The poor costume girls had to spend many an hour, fixing up my crotch."

Douglas has landed campaigns modelling for the likes of Burberry as a result of his chiselled good looks.

He is known by British audiences for playing Boy George in the TV mini-series Worried About the Boy. Douglas described what it was like to play the recognisable singer of Culture Club.

"Yeah, exactly [this was another iconic male to play]. I don't make it easy for myself. I mean, Boy George, he was really the pinnacle of that challenge because I had to transform myself physically," Douglas finished. "That was not only playing somebody that everyone already knows, but also that everyone knows exactly what he looks like and how he acted. Lots of his life is documented. That was an extra challenge."

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