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Drew Barrymore bemoans skin

Drew Barrymore has opened up about how little has changed in her skincare routine over the years.

The Charlie's Angels actress may have been lauded for her looks over the years, but she still worries about her imperfections. To keep on top of them, the 39-year-old sticks to virtually the same beauty routine she’s had for years.

“I still wash my face twice a day. That’s probably my one sanctuary,” she told New York Magazine’s The Cut. “I also love brightening serums now. I have the patchiest, reddest, most hideous/discoloured skin, so those brighteners are really a lifesaver.”

Drew launched her beauty company, Flower, last year and its focus has been on products which are easy and quick to use. This fits with the star's ethos when it comes to cosmetics as she is a big advocate of barely-there beauty.

“I think there’s natural make-up. I don’t pile it on every day,” she explained. “Most days, I go out and don’t wear any. I want to let my skin breathe. I get photographed like a dark-circle zombie. I just don’t care. I don’t think it’s real. However, when I do a little concealer, a little blush and lip gloss, I get mad at myself that I don’t do it more often because it does look nice. I do feel like I look a little prettier.”

But despite not reaching for cosmetics every day, some of Drew’s fondest memories are of being made up as a child star. Watching others be transformed is something that has stuck with her and that she still enjoys today.

“I just loved being in the make-up chair when I was a kid, watching the women around me get ready. It was a really cool world where women could come in one way but leave a totally different person. That always left such a strong impression on me,” she said.

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