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Drew Barrymore: Happiness is better than make-up

Drew Barrymore has revealed that her beauty mantra is "happiness is the best make-up".

The actress discussed her feelings on cosmetics and her make-up secrets as she promotes the launch of her debut make-up line Flower, going on sale in American chain store Walmart.

The beauty and style icon described her product favourites, but admitted that no amount of make-up can match the radiance that comes from being happy on the inside.

"Yeah, I do [have a beauty mantra]! It's that happiness is the best make-up. I absolutely cannot paint on my face with any product in the world when I feel good and balanced and happy and fulfilled inside," Drew confessed to "I could have nothing on my face and I look so much more attractive."

Drew has sported some iconic beauty looks during her lustrous film career that began when she starred in E.T. aged seven. Throughout the nineties Drew rocked some strong looks including a bleached platinum crop, powdered pale skin, maroon lips and pencil-thin super dark eyebrows. The new mother admitted that while she was not aware of the resurgence of the nineties in spring fashion, she does still have a fondness for the beauty looks of the decade.

"First of all, I didn't even know that the nineties were happening on the runways! I know everything that's going on with beauty, but I'm so out of touch with fashion. I'm the girl who picks her clothes up off the floor and wears them again and again all week," Drew admitted. "I've actually been obsessed lately with the nineties again. I've been drawing in my eyebrows, and we have two colours in our lip liners-one is Toffee and one is Plum-and we also have a lipstick called Chocolate Lily, and I've been putting those on, and then a little powder on top of them and doing powder blush and really pale skin."

Drew finished by discussing how her beauty role models are an eclectic mix of faces from the past. The kooky star confessed she can't pin down just one style icon, but prefers to channel a variety of fashion influencers.

"[My beauty icons are] Sharon Tate and Diane Keaton pop in my head, with a splash of every single look David Bowie has ever pulled off. I would say put those three in a blender, and you have my heart," Drew laughed.

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