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Drew Barrymore: I don't have to be glam

Drew Barrymore sometimes ditches the sweatpants to be the girl she really is.

Drew’s been an actress since her early years, and has grown up on set and walking the red carpet. Alongside her film work, Drew turned entrepreneur with her cosmetics company FLOWER, but even that doesn’t make her feel obliged to always look her best.

“Have you seen me photographed on the street? I think that answers your question!” she laughed to Us Weekly.

“But some mornings there is still that conscious decision-making moment where I’m like, ‘I’m going to take off my sweatpants and be the girl that I am.'”

One of the reasons for her more laidback look is motherhood. Drew was once known for her bohemian sense of style, and rocked more revealing ensembles in pre-parenthood.

Since giving birth to daughters Olive, two, and 15-month-old Frankie with husband Will Kopelman, she’s had an outfit overhaul.

“Well, in my twenties I wore slips on the red carpet. Now I’m in, like, muumuus!

“No [I have no desire to relive those days]! I had a bravery back then because I wasn’t really thinking - I was just being. But I have mental peace and calmness now. I love how traditional I’ve become.”

FLOWER now also creates its own range of sunglasses and the 40-year-old is proud of the quality of specs, especially as they carry such a reasonable price tag.

“We use the same materials found in a $600 pair,” she revealed.

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