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Drew Barrymore: Ignore style haters

Drew Barrymore doesn't care what other people think about her appearance.

The actress is known for her kooky dress sense and for sporting hair in a range of wacky colours during her career in film.

Drew hasn't got any less brave with changing up her look as she's got older.

"I'd like to say that as I get older I'm less experimental, but I'd be lying. I pay no attention to critics. I just do what makes me happy. I've changed my hair colour three times this year. I may die tomorrow, so why not?" she questioned to UK InStyle magazine.

"My husband often drives home to find me locked in the bathroom, and I'll come out a different person."

Fashion doesn't bother Drew and she's never obsessed with the latest trends.

Cosmetics however do interest the star, and as a result, Drew launched her own cosmetics line called Flower Beauty in the US this year.

"I can take or leave clothes. I sort of pick them up off the floor and wear them again the next day. But I live for make-up. I'm crazy about colour and I'm a control freak, so I loved developing my line," she explained.

"But, although I love make-up, I only spend about 60 seconds applying it! I use a little concealer, put some make-up on my eyes and I double my lipstick as a blush."

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