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Drew Barrymore on beauty and movie similarities

Drew Barrymore is proud that FLOWER is so reasonably priced but still manages to be high quality.

The star is behind FLOWER, the beauty brand she launched in 2013 exclusively at Wal-Mart. Over the years the company has added fragrance and eyewear to its burgeoning offerings, but Drew has never felt out of her depth.

“I think [producing and creating a brand] are very similar because both are about storytelling and marketing. I was co-creative director at CoverGirl for seven years and it was a miracle of the stars aligning that when that contract was ending Carmen Bauza [Wal-Mart senior VP health and wellness] called me for what was really a wonderful audition to see if I’d be the right person to create a beauty line for her store,” Drew told The Hollywood Reporter’s style section.

“I was able to tell Carmen the story of what FLOWER Beauty would be through images and through a film reel that I made for her.

“Both storytelling and heart really apply to beauty and film.”

Staying true to her brand, 40-year-old Drew only ever wears FLOWER, even when she’s on the red carpet. As well as the high quality of the products Drew is also thrilled that the items carry such a reasonable price tag.

“I’m most proud of the price point we have managed to achieve with the formulas and materials we work with. It’s an almost impossible endeavour and it’s not something that people might know or understand or think about as a consumer. Our customer reviews are like, flawless - it’s amazing,” she beamed.

“Across the board people are very happy and I’m so relieved about that because you are surprised and amazed at the level of quality when you try the products.”

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