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Drew Barrymore swept away during shoot

Drew Barrymore isn't a fan of "ritzy" shoots, as that's not the way she lives her life.

The actress looks amazing on the cover of US InStyle and the accompanying spread inside.

Pictures included Drew on a swirling staircase, with her hair up in an elegant plait style, and relaxing in a retro open-top car.

"I thought it was incredibly regal and it was total fantasy but done the right way," she gushed in a behind-the-scenes clip for the magazine.

"Sometimes when I see something so ritzy, I think: 'That's not me.' I don't like to live like that, but sometimes I see things and think, 'That's beautiful and inspirational' and I get lost in the glamour of it. I think this straddled that line and that makes me really happy."

Drew has cosmetics line Flower, which specialises in products girls have always wanted but couldn't find.

The star even used a lipstick from her own collection during the shoot.

"Towards the end of the day we did a lip called Baby Buttercup, so we wore that with these grey smokey eyes. As a girl, I'm dying for a light pink lip that's flattering and that's very hard to come by," she explained.

Towards the end of the shoot, Drew dons a gorgeous navy blue and silver gown with mesh panels.

Like anyone, she appreciates a dress that can hide her flaws.

"Coming out at the end with that bib dress it accentuated the good and hid the bad and I was loving that dress," she giggled.

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