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Dwayne Johnson on 'epic' workout

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has described filming Hercules as his "most gruelling production", explaining how hard he had to train for the role.

The actor-and-former wrestler takes on the part of the legendary Greek hero for a new blockbuster movie. While Dwayne is well known for his stacked physique, he had to step up his workout game to embody the famous historical idol.

"I got up at 3 [in the morning]. It was a six to eight month process of training. So I got up around 3:30 every morning in Budapest and I would do cardio," Dwayne reeled off to Access Hollywood.

"I had a cardio machine that was inside of my hotel room, and I would just roll out of bed. I'd have my unleaded, caffeine – and I'd hop on there and I'd do 35 minutes of that cardio."

To fuel his hard core exercise regime, Dwayne had to chow down on a daily protein packed breakfast of steak, egg whites and cream of wheat before hitting the gym for weights and muscle training.

"I would go to set for 12 hours – it was a lot. [I did that] from day one to 95. That was my schedule… but, you know, when you want to make something epic, and it starts with that goal – that goal is epic and defining and cool, and hopefully you make a badass movie - well then, the effort has to match that, right?" he smiled.

Beefing up is no new phenomenon for the 42-year-old but the demands of Hercules, which co-stars Irina Shayk, John Hurt and Rufus Sewell, was a hard ask for the former athlete.

"It was the most gruelling production I had ever done by far," he admitted. "It was the most gruelling physical prep I had done for anything – by the way, that includes years of playing football, years of being inside a wrestling ring and years of acting."

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