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Dwayne Johnson shares perfect ‘post-workout meal’

Dwayne Johnson has spoken about how he used to train decades ago with his father in “dirty” gyms.

The 43-year-old actor was referred to as ‘The Rock’ when he wrestled professionally for the WWE a few years back.

Dwayne doesn’t restrict himself from eating the nutrients he needs to maintain muscle, no matter what is going on with him in his career.

“Potatoes and chicken. A post-workout meal,” he told America’s Esquire of his favourite thing to eat after an intense exercise session. “They're cut like french fries, but they're baked. Phenomenal. And the chicken is just a grilled chicken with a little bit of some sort of barbecue sauce.”

Dwayne says his weight fluctuates often.

He does not care what he weighs at any given time, the star is most concerned with his health.

“Two-forty, 250, 260 [lbs], depending on the role,” Dwayne noted in response to a question as to how much he weighs these days. “I think for San Andreas I was 240. But I think what's interesting is when you finally make that decision and clarity becomes king in your life, the weight doesn't become an issue. Like, who gives a f**k how much you weigh?! Just go out there and put on a great performance.”

Fitness has been a huge part of Dwayne’s life since he was a child.

He remembers what it was like working out with his dad as a youth.

“At a very young age, at five, I was with my dad down in the wrestling ring and in the weight room, watching all these guys wrestle, jack iron all day. It was a different world,” Dwayne recalled. “Everything was dirty: dirty gym, dirty mats. It was always ‘What you want?’ You gotta get up in the morning, you gotta get after it, you gotta put in the work, you gotta sweat. There's gonna be heavy iron and there's gonna be a lot of sweat, and it's gonna be dirty.”

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