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Ed Sheeran: I misplace clothes

Ed Sheeran often steals clothes while on a job.

The British singer has a quirky style, which is mainly made up of chequered shirts and hooded sweaters.

Speaking about the best item of clothing he's recently purchased, Ed explained that he doesn't manage to keep his much-loved pieces for long.

"I got an Alexander McQueen jumper that I really like. It's in my rucksack actually. I tend to lose them all the time - I get given them from TV shows, steal them from stylists or whatever (which I probably shouldn't do) but because I move around so much they end up places," he explained to "I have the opportunity to have a nice wardrobe I just keep losing things all the time."

Ed's fashion sense has evolved since he first entered the industry. It seems like it has changed for the better though, as he was previously topped GQ magazine's worst dressed list.

"Dude, at least I won it! It would have been more insulting if you'd put me at number two, trust me," the 23-year-old musician laughed. "I didn't really care at the time - I dressed badly up until about six months ago when I met someone, who I'm currently with, who just bought me some shirts for my birthday and carried on getting me shirts. I'm just a little bit better dressed now."

Something Ed does take pride in are his watches and he remembers how his confidence was knocked after admiring the collection of a fellow music star.

"The one I wear everyday is a Nautilus. It started off with this as I got gifted this from a Bar Mitzvah I did by this Russian dude. I like Patek a lot - I'd say they're the main one," he added. "I got into them three years ago when stuff blew up and I was booked for my first private gig. And then I met John Mayer and it all went downhill from there. I remember him sending me an email saying, 'Buy this watch now!' and I looked and it was just too much. He's a serious collector."

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