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Ed Skrein: How I got fit for films

Ed Skrein is like a fish when he's in the water, but not so impressive when he runs.

The English actor is having a bit of a moment of late, replacing fellow Brit Jason Statham as special-ops mercenary Frank Martin in The Transporter series. He also bagged a role opposite Ryan Reynolds in Marvel's next outing, Deadpool. Each role required a very different approach to exercise.

"For The Transporter Refueled, I went to Paris and spent three weeks working on a range of martial arts - from Kali, a type of Filipino knife [and stick] fighting, to kickboxing. I wanted my look to be lean and unassuming. I didn't want to be too bulky and muscly, so it worked well to just do martial arts, which was effectively cardio all day long," he told Details.

"Whereas for Deadpool, I wanted to have a bigger silhouette for the [genetically altered] Ajax character, so I was training six days a week for strength and conditioning and five days a week for martial arts. It was very intense. When I was bulking up, I also added some more quinoa to my diet. More potatoes - sweet potatoes, predominantly. More brown rice."

The 32-year-old has always taken care of himself, making waves at his local London swimming club until the age of 15.

He's also tried his hand at distance running, but that didn't prove to be such a success.

"I did the Paris half-marathon [the year before]. Oh, man, I was the slowest runner ever! I used to say that I'm a sea creature. I'm a fish. I'm supposed to be in the water. On land, I'm just super, super-slow," he laughed.

Ed keeps to a Paleo diet most of the time, eating like a caveman and avoiding processed foods. But his strong will lets up once a week when he indulges in burgers, pizza, beer and red wine on his cheat day.

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