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Elisabeth Moss: Birds made my Gap shoot

Elisabeth Moss found the birds in her Gap campaign the "easiest co-stars" she has ever worked with.

The 32-year-old actress is the latest face of the high-street retailer and appears in its new advertisements. She joins the likes of fellow celebrities Anjelica Huston and Jena Malone, who also appear in photos.

For her shot Elisabeth is seen standing on a beach wearing a grey pea coat, dark trousers and an off-white shirt as she grins over her shoulder at a bunch of seagulls with bread in her hand.

While many may turn down the job of working with the winged animals, the brunette beauty embraced the task.

"The birds were possibly the easiest co-stars I’ve ever worked with! The bread thing - nobody knew if it would work, but it worked like a charm. All I had to do was show those birds the goods I had and they were mine. It was so easy and definitely one of those moments where you love your job!" she laughed to People.

"The only bad thing was when we would run out of bread... To this day I’m really not sure where they got that bread. But those birds probably go back there every day expecting some actress to show up and feed them now, they’re totally spoiled Malibu birds!"

Gap is known for its stylish and affordable aesthetic, which Elisabeth enjoyed wearing for the advertisement. She was astounded when she discovered what outfit she'd be rocking for the part, but was disappointed she couldn't sneak anything home afterwards.

"I wanted everything from the shoot, especially that grey coat I wore. It was so gorgeous! I couldn’t believe Gap made such a designer, expensive-looking, chic coat!" she gushed. "Alas, I couldn’t take anything because it wasn’t in stores yet. But I have no problem walking into the local Gap and buying it myself!"

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