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Elisabeth Moss 'refreshed' by current clothing

Elisabeth Moss believes wearing jeans and a sweater helped her get into character for her new TV show.

The actress is best known for playing career driven Peggy Olson in TV period drama Mad Men, which is set in the '60s. She is currently promoting a new project for the small screen, Top of the Lake.

In the show she plays Robin Griffin, a detective investigating the disappearance of a pregnant 12-year-old. Elisabeth found it exciting to ditch her usual vintage clothes and don more up to date outfits for the role.

"After Mad Men it was so refreshing to be able to wear jeans and a sweater!" she told the British edition of Grazia magazine. "Weirdly too, the modern clothes actually helped me play Robin, this hard, tough character."

The 30-year-old star has become accustomed to wearing period clothes. She admits it often now feels like the norm when she's getting dressed up to play Peggy.

"I'm so used to wearing all that '60s stuff," she explained. "Sometimes it's exciting to get to wear a cool vintage dress, but we're so used to it, it's just our 'work clothes'."

Mad Men designer Janie Bryant recently discussed one of Peggy's iconic looks for the sixth season of the show.

She was eager for her clothes to reflect the character's career progress.

"It really is that moment of: ‘I am empowered. I will survive.’ I wanted to see Peggy in pants to illustrate that she had come so far. It was such strong expression of empowerment,” Janie told “Peggy really is a modern woman and for her to make that choice to wear pants shows how far women have come."

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