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Elizabeth Banks 'happy to be Barbie'

Elizabeth Banks described herself as the stylist's "Barbie doll" on the set of The Hunger Games.

The actress plays Effie Trinket in the hotly-anticipated action-thriller. Effie dons a series of outrageous colourful garb, and the film's stylist Judianna Makovsky says Elizabeth took the extreme costumes all in her stride.

"Elizabeth is great! She tells everybody that she's my Barbie doll but she also has a lot to say. She knows a lot about clothes and she knows what she looks good in but she is also very brave and not afraid to look funny or odd," she told Grazia online

"She doesn't have to be beautiful, she just wants it to be right. Just before she was signed on for the role officially, she called me up to talk about what we wanted for Effie and we started with the clothes and ended up in the hair and make-up trailer for two days trying to figure out her look."

Judianna says Elizabeth was a joy to work with. Despite finding some of her outfits uncomfortable, the star always remained in high spirits on set.

"All of Elizabeth's outfits were uncomfortable but she mostly struggled with the fingernails - they were so outrageous that she couldn't even unzip anything to go to the loo!" she laughed.

"And we shot in North Carolina in the summer so it was so hot and humid that everything had to be made so everyone could take the layers off.

Jennifer Lawrence plays heroine Katniss Everdeen in the Gary Ross-directed film and had a big input into her on-screen costumes. The 21-year-old star also kept a light-hearted attitude towards fittings and styling.

"With the more dressed-up garments, Jennifer would just let me do what I do but she had a lot to say about the clothes she wore in the arena because she had to do a lot of her own stunts so they all had to be super functional," Judianna explained.

"The fabric even had to be fire-proof! But, mostly, Jennifer is very funny. She's very down to earth and not very glamorous in real life, she's just a normal girl and she's really, really funny so we laughed a lot in the fittings. She was definitely the on-set prankster!"


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