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Elizabeth Hurley proud of Lauder campaign

Elizabeth Hurley feels very proud of what Estée Lauder's breast cancer campaign has achieved.

The model-and-actress has worked in collaboration with the brand since she was 29, as the face of perfumes and other products.

Elizabeth, 48, also backs their Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and attended an event for the charitable foundation at Bloomingdale's, New York, on Tuesday.

“It’s been 19 years since Evelyn Lauder asked me to help her with her then-newly founded BCA campaign,” she told WWD.

“This is the year that it’s really hit me how much has been achieved by the awareness campaign. It started when I was in London last week and two of the research scientists who we support pointed out 19 years ago, when women would come to them with tumours, they’d be big tumours that were hard to operate on.

"And then they said it’s very rare nowadays that somebody will come with a tumour that size. They all come small and are discovered early, and of course they’re much, much more curable — 90 per cent curable if they’re found early. It was a really great to hear that in our lifetime of working with this cause, that’s made such a difference.”

Elizabeth donned a pink Versace dress for Tuesday's event; the colour breast cancer awareness is associated with.

The brunette looked stunning in the gown, which was embellished with silver sequins and cinched at the waist with a candyfloss-coloured belt.

Several Estée Lauder Cos. brands, such as Aveda and Bobbi Brown, release special edition beauty products, with a percentage of the profit going towards breast cancer research.

100 per cent of money made from an enamelled compact named for the late Evelyn Lauder will also go to the good cause.

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