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Elizabeth Hurley’s surgery shock

Elizabeth Hurley takes two hours to get ready and doesn't appreciate "interruptions".

At 48, the actress-and-model still looks stunning and regularly wows on the screen and at glitzy events.

While she can understand why some people might feel the need to go under the knife, Elizabeth isn't worried about ageing.

"As long as the brain cells don't diminish too much, I'll be OK," she joked to British magazine Star.

"I'm not interested [in cosmetic surgery] myself, but I do know people who've had it done successfully. However, I've also seen some shocking work on others!"

Instead, Elizabeth likes to eat well and will frequently take her dogs for walks to get some exercise.

Her top tip is looking after your body and what goes into it.

"Don't eat processed food," she warned.

"Fresh is best and eat lots of vegetables. I love cooking for my family and friends... I always watch what I eat up to a point and very rarely eat junk or processed food. But I have a big appetite, so I eat lots of good, wholesome foods."

Her slim figure stood out in the Austin Powers franchise, where Elizabeth wore a skin-tight leather catsuit.

Getting glammed up for events hasn't got any quicker with the passing of time.

"I like plenty of time, at least two hours if I have to wash my hair," she admitted.

"And ideally, I'll get ready by myself without interruptions."

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