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Elizabeth Olsen's not brave enough for bangs

Actress Elizabeth Olsen's hairstylist Mark Townsend is desperate for her to have a fringe.

Elizabeth Olsen thinks a full fringe is a massive commitment.

Stars like Selma Blair and Lily Allen rock the hairstyle, and everyone from Sienna Miller to Beyoncé has sported bangs in the past. While Elizabeth is happy to be styled with a sweeping side fringe, going for the full chop is just a step too far.

"I haven't had a full fringe since I was like seven, but every time there's a hairpiece, we are playing with it and trying to decide what length we would do, if we would do long, uneven or straight across," Elizabeth told The Hollywood Reporter. "It's a big commitment."

For the photos that accompanied her words in the publication, Elizabeth posed with her trusted hairstylist Mark Townsend. Mark is much more on board with the idea of a fringe and is slowly convincing 26-year-old Elizabeth to rethink her hair potential.

"Bangs - we are working on our way up centimetre by centimetre," Mark laughed.

The pair have worked together since Elizabeth was in a high school, with Mark first getting his hands on her hair for the actress' school dance.

"It was my freshman year winter formal, and Mark had just done my sisters' (Mary-Kate and Ashley) hair; we were all going to the same dance," she recalled. "He gave me an updo, and I had the best hair in my class."

Mark was on hand during Elizabeth's promotional duties for this year's (15) Avengers: Age of Ultron, creating a stunning French twist with fanned-out ends for the Tokyo premiere.

"We were inspired by a woman at dinner the night before the premiere," Elizabeth explained.

"(It's) one of the all-time favourite hairstyles I've ever done," Mark added. "The dress was a new take on a very classic silhouette, so I wanted the hair to feel the same way."

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