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Elle Fanning: My style is evolving

Elle Fanning is proud of her “bohemian” look, but that doesn’t mean she’s sticking to it forever.

The 16-year-old actress and her older sister Dakota have become come for their kooky style, with Elle proud to have such a strong aesthetic. That doesn’t mean she’ll always stick to what she’s knows though, as she is testing out new looks at the moment.

“I’m always changing. I’ve very girly, but I’m also getting sportier with the way I dress – I like to mix it up. I’m also kind of bohemian. I don’t really throw anything out of my closet; I keep everything – all the clothes!” she laughed to Company magazine.

The siblings like to chat about style, with Elle always looking up to her big sister over the years. The first time Dakota asked for her input on a look really blew her mind.

“Yeah, she asked me for fashion advice one day – it was a huge deal for me because it’s my big sister asking, you know?” she marvelled. “Now she’ll ask me which shoes to wear with an outfit. It used to be the other way round. I used to always steal her clothes, but I don’t anymore, as our styles are very different. I’m also taller than her, so we don’t fit in the same things!”

Elle and Dakota have become regulars at fashion shows over the years, something which Elle still finds exciting. Although all presentations are special, there is one which still sticks in her mind.

“Oh yeah, I’m definitely obsessed! I went to the Miu Miu show in Paris and that was unreal,” she explained. “I’d never been to one of their shows before! It was amazing – lots of pastels – and they had all these see-through skirts, which I loved.”

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