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Elle Fanning's incredible fashion awareness

Elle Fanning knows what fashion is "timeless", according to her stylist Samantha McMillen.

The blonde actress may be just 16 years old but is already considered a style icon, wearing stunning gowns at red carpet events.

Stylist to the stars, Samantha McMillen, helps Elle in choosing what ensembles to wear. She is impressed by the young star's awareness of the latest trends and her ability to try out new looks.

"Elle is fun because she is daring, unique, and has an incredible knowledge of fashion, especially considering her age. She loves fashion and she loves to try new things," Samantha smiled to "At the same time, she has a good sense of what is timeless and knows which occasion to do a timeless look and which occasions she can be a little bit more experimental. Truthfully, there aren’t that many 16-year-olds out there who regularly have access to haute couture, so the term 'age-appropriate' when it comes to fashion kind of makes me laugh."

Samantha works with various celebrities to take care of their wardrobe during promotional tours. Speaking about how she plans ahead, the fashionista shared how she takes a different approach from high-end labels who are reigned in to dress film stars.

"I usually start with premiere looks and then take care of the photo calls, junkets, and TV appearances. The TV looks can be more challenging because it’s a bit harder to get new runway for things like that, but it’s a difficult thing to explain to your client," she explained. "Designers definitely prioritise red-carpet dressing opportunities, so our hardest work is getting great looks for morning shows, late-night talk shows, and press junket days."

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