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Elle Fanning's trouser twist

Elle Fanning is no longer afraid to ditch the boho and wear trousers.

The 17-year-old actress’ style is still evolving and she’s slowly starting to embrace a more androgynous look for events.

Putting aside the floaty dresses, she’ll slip into something tailored as long as it’s interesting enough.

“[My style] used to be hippie, bohemian, Virgin Suicides-like, but now I’m not afraid to wear pants, as long as there’s a twist,” she explained to The Edit.

But one thing she should be afraid of is stealing her older sister Dakota’s clothes. Thanks to the paparazzi that follow her and her famous sibling, there’s no hiding when they’ve been rummaging in each other’s wardrobes.

“I used to steal [Dakota]’s clothes, but one time the paparazzi got me. She phoned me from New York: ‘What are you doing in my clothes?’” Elle laughed.

While she may have to stop herself from dipping into Dakota’s dresses, Elle does have her own gems she’s unlikely to share. Among them are pieces from Marilyn Monroe’s make-up collection.

“I have her face cream and face powder – my grandma got them for me at an auction when I was seven,” she revealed.

The young star faces one of her most challenging roles to date in About Ray, playing the transgender title character. It meant changing her look physically, binding her chest to flatten it.

“It’s like a sports bra that you wrap around, only it’s Velcro. And it really kills your back!” she explained.

“I had to wear one every morning. It hurt so bad!”

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