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Ellen DeGeneres ‘grumbling over plastic surgery’

Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi have supposedly argued over whether the comedienne should do something about her “turkey neck”.

The 57-year-old comedienne has been married to gorgeous actress Portia de Rossi since 2008.

And it’s claimed Ellen has recently been feeling sensitive about her appearances.

“Ellen hates the wrinkles around her eyes and her turkey neck,” an insider told In Touch.

“She wanted to get work down while The Ellen DeGeneres Show is on summer break, [but] Portia talked her out of it.

“She didn’t want Ellen ridiculed, like she’s been about her changing face. Ellen’s grumbling that now she has to wait another year to get anything done.”

Ellen announced she was launching a lifestyle brand last year called ED, which now includes fashion.

The funnywoman has recently spoken about what she desires to accomplish with her clothes.

"I want my line to be the answer to 'I have nothing to wear,'" she told "Guests on my show always ask me where they can get my clothes. Now I'm excited to tell them, 'I'm wearing me!'"

Ellen’s clothing line is inspired by her love of preppy fashion.

But the star hasn’t always embraced a high-class look.

"I used to wear giant Hammer pants," she laughed. "Now that I’m confident in who I am, I wear more fitted clothes that show off what the good Lord gave me." started selling Ellen’s clothing line in June.

Her lifestyle line ED will also include a broader home-and-garden range, women’s and men’s clothes, accessories and pet niceties in the future.

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