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Ellen Pompeo silences eating disorder rumours

The star suffered a big knock to her confidence early in her career after critics suggested she suffered from an eating disorder.

Actress Ellen Pompeo is silencing speculation suggesting she has been secretly battling an eating disorder, insisting she has always been "naturally thin".

The Grey's Anatomy star has found herself under scrutiny ever since shooting to fame on the hit medical drama in 2005, and as a result, she is often criticised for her skinny frame, especially when she is photographed at the beach.

Comments about her body over the years have even sparked health rumours, but Ellen is adamant there has never been any truth to the eating disorder claims, which really knocked her confidence at the beginning of her career.

"I used to get a lot of criticism for how thin I was, and I didn't have a lot confidence because of it," she tells People magazine. "I was naturally thin."

The 46-year-old is now more concerned about the affects of "irresponsible" media articles on impressionable young fans.

She continues, "I always thought it was irresponsible of the media to portray me as someone with an eating disorder because if some girls look up to me and think that's what you have to do to look like me, it's a horrifying concept."

Ellen is glad she made her name before the widespread use of social media, because the online backlash nowadays can be really brutal: "I listened to the criticism a little too much (during her youth) - and this was pre-social media. It's even crazier to think what women have to deal with now."

Meanwhile, the mother-of-two refuses to cave in to the pressure to stay looking youthful in Hollywood, insisting she has learned to appreciate her life so much more as she ages.

"For me, personally, I don't do Botox or anything like that," she says. "It can't be what's on the outside, it's gotta be what's on the inside."

"I think when you're in your 20s and 30s, you're super obsessed with your looks because you don't have any other wisdom," she adds. "I have the wisdom to know that growing old is a privilege that not everyone is afforded. If my physical beauty is the only thing that leaves me, and my health and my family stay, then that is what's really important to me."

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