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Ellie Goulding confident about clothes

Ellie Goulding is confident when it comes to fashion.

The British singer was spotted in the front row of several London Fashion Week shows earlier this month. Mingling with the likes of models Daisy Lowe and Suki Waterhouse, Ellie has now become recognised within the world of fashion.

With this status comes the assurance to push boundaries and the 26-year-old star is enjoying wearing new ensembles.

"Ellie is very much in charge of her own style. She loves fashion - whether it's a mix of high street or high end," one of Ellie's team told British magazine Look. "She's having the time of her life. She works with new stylists all the time - she doesn't have one person who she sticks with, so this makes her take more risks."

Ellie is also said to owe her new-found confidence to Cara Delevingne. The model was snapped hanging out with Ellie and fellow pop star Rita Ora throughout Fashion Week and it is thought Cara has given her friend some much needed advice when it comes to her appearance.

"I imagine Ellie is really grateful to Cara. She's given her the confidence to just do and wear what she wants," the insider added. "She's shown her you don't have to be 'cool' to be accepted - it's far more important to just have fun."

The blonde beauty has finally found her feet in the world thanks to her new look. Ellie's edgy style is said to have helped her become more popular with international stars.

"It's taken a while, but 2013 is totally Ellie's year. In the past six months, she's gone from a gawky 20-something to becoming best friends with everybody from Rita Ora to Rihanna, has been linked to every eligible man on the A-list, and is the darling of Fashion Week too," the source said.

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