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Ellie Goulding: I need comfort

Ellie Goulding has revealed how she maintains her fitness and wellbeing when touring.

The singer has transformed her tour wardrobe over the years, choosing more revealing combinations of shorts and dresses with sheer panelling.

However, the star insisted that her sexier looks are planned for practicality.

"For me the most important thing is to perform well. So I always want to wear something I’m very comfortable in and obviously it gets very hot so I’ll wear, well, not much - depending on how hot it is," she told The Huffington Post before hinting at the outfits her fans can expect to see during her festival dates. "I am thinking of a few things I might wear, I have a few summery things. I just came from England and I have a suitcase full of sweaters and jeans. Touring is a lot of shifting things around and sorting things out. I’m constantly having to rearrange."

Ellie also described how she stays fit while travelling around the world. The Only You singer works out with a friend who supports her on tour, helping her to establish a stable routine.

"I like being on tour when you have someone helping you out, and I have a very dear friend with me helping me out. When you have that person, it’s perfect. We do yoga and running and workouts together," she said. "You can get yourself into a stable routine of eating well. Whereas at home, I do that too, but on tour you can be even a bit more regimented about it."

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