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Ellie Goulding: I need sugar

Ellie Goulding does everything in moderation and won’t deny herself the odd sweet snack.

The British singer is known for her svelte physique and looked amazing at the Capital Summertime Ball earlier this month, where she donned a black crop-top and tiny shorts.

While she watches what she eats, there is one naughty snack she just can’t resist.

“I make sure I ask for healthy food in my rider [on tour],” she revealed to British magazine Star.

“But I’m a bit of a sucker for chocolate and sweets, too, so I end up eating those as well.”

The 26-year-old will be supporting Bruno Mars on The Moonshine Jungle Tour throughout July and August.

When she’s travelling, Ellie allows herself some extra treats.

“I think I’d go mad if I didn’t have a drink or two on tour, because it’s really hectic and busy and constant,” she admitted.

“I don’t drink to the extreme, but I’ll have the odd glass of wine or whatever. I smoke, I drink. I do everything in moderation.”

Ellie has been showing off some mega toned abs recently.

The pretty blonde says the secret is running, which helps keep her fit on stage too.

“For me, [running] is like eating and sleeping. If I miss a day, I just make up for it the next time I go for a run,” she explained.

“I don’t have any backing dancers or backing singers, so it’s just me on stage. Whenever I get a chance, I do the cheesiest, stupidest, cringey-est dancing! It’s my moment up there, so, whatever – who cares?!”

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