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Ellie Goulding: I'll flash some skin

Ellie Goulding thinks no one is surprised if she appears on stage "half naked".

The British singer has a fabulous figure, which she showed off by wearing a racy dress with splits right up each side recently.

Her gown received a lot of attention, but 26-year-old Ellie is past the point of caring what people say.

"I don’t think I have the perfect figure or the perfect face - and people know that I know that," she smiled to British newspaper The Sun.

“But at the same time, I’m at a point where I don’t feel I have to cover up. I can wear a half-naked revealing dress now and people aren’t surprised anymore.”

In order to slip into these sexy numbers, Ellie works out hard, running six miles every day and using extreme fitness DVDs.

She also keeps an eye on what she eats and drinks.

“I’ve been vegetarian for four months now - I can’t even bring myself to eat fish anymore. I was relying way too much on meat in general to diet," she explained.

“I’ve had to buy a lot of vitamins which is why I drink coconut water a lot now.”

She may have started out in the UK, but the Burn singer now enjoys international success, which even meant supporting Bruno Mars on tour.

Spending time across the pond has really helped the blonde star come into her own.

“I can’t really be shy anymore. Everyone in America is naturally confident - it’s a whole different world out there. I’ve been on tour with Katy Perry and learnt from the best," she said.

“She’s down-to-earth and has her feet on the ground but is able to switch to being an amazing performer on stage.”

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