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Ellie Goulding’s hospital fear

Ellie Goulding is too scared of hospitals to have cosmetic surgery.

The 26-year-old singer hates hospitals and can't think of anything worse than volunteering to go under the surgeon's knife. She believes it is a reflection on society that so many women feel bad enough about themselves they decide that surgery is the only option.

"The idea of surgery scares the sh*t out of me. I'm awful with hospitals and things like that. But I understand what it's like to feel insecure about something; it is horrible when people call you things," she told British magazine Cosmopolitan.

Ellie enjoys exercising and running is her go-to way of keeping fit. She wants to feel as healthy as possible, not least because her work schedule can be so hectic.

The singer is adamant exercising isn't about keeping her body slim though.

"I'm not doing it to be thin - I think a womanly figure: boobs and bum... that's so sexy. I love bums! If I was a guy I'd be more attracted to curves. My body has changed over the last few years. I was very athletic before," she explained. "I've got hips and boobs now."

Although Ellie is now sensible when it comes to her health regime, it hasn't always been that way. She can't believe the lengths she went to in order to stay svelte when she was struggling for her degree.

"At university I went through a phase of being terrified of eating carbs; instead I’d just eat sweets and chocolate. I realise now that was ridiculous. I lacked energy and fell asleep in my lectures. Now I don’t deprive myself – everything in moderation!" she laughed.

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