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Elly Jackson's manly style

Elly Jackson doesn't mind her style being compared to David Bowie's.

The British La Roux singer is known for her androgynous look. She often wears trouser suits and brogue shoes and styles her short hair into her iconic quiff.

To help her achieve the look, Elly will often go for clothes tailored to men.

"I think I'm wearing men's clothes now!" she laughed to Q magazine when they asked the last time she wore pieces meant for the opposite sex. "I've got on these sort of manly slip-on loafers and I'm pretty sure I'm wearing a bloke's jacket. You think I'm very much rocking mid-'70s Bowie look at the moment? Thank you very much. I'll take that as a compliment."

It's not just glam rock star David Bowie who the 26-year-old channels; she also recently looked towards pint-sized pop star Prince for inspiration.

When asked about the last time she had fun, the singer recalled a gig in America where her drummer suggested a Prince theme for a special photo.

"Oh, every day! The other night we played in Minneapolis and it was my drummer William [Bowerman]'s birthday and he requested that all the band dress up as Prince and have a photoshoot after the gig. So we did that and it was pretty fun," she laughed.

Elly has spoken about how she likes to style her look and doesn't rely on other people to tell her what to wear in the past.

Despite being thought of as a trend setter, she still doesn't get sent free clothes.

"I've always dressed how I want. I don't sit with a stylist and go, 'OK, I want to look like this.' Designers sending me clothes? You're joking? If I want something, I go and get it. I can't be bothered to lick someone's a**e for six months so they'll give me a pair of socks," she told the British edition of Marie Claire magazine.

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