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Elsa Pataky talks post-baby lingerie shoot

Elsa Pataky didn't mind booking a lingerie campaign three months after giving birth to twins as she works best when she's under pressure.

The 38-year-old model-and-actress is married to Chris Hemsworth and they have three children together: India, two, and eight-month-old sons Sasha and Tristan.

She appears in a new fashion film called Dark Seduction for underwear brand Women'secret, where she's seen dancing around in different lingerie as she prepares to go out. Although it was fun to make, it was stressful, too.

"Yes [it required confidence], but there's a great deal of work behind it, too," she told British magazine Hello! "It was a huge challenge for me because Women'secret put the idea to me just three months after I had the twins. I thought, 'Wow, I've never been offered anything like this before and it comes along just after I've given birth!' But I've always liked a challenge and I think the brand must, too..."

Many couldn't deal with having so much on, but it was a blessing for Elsa. She felt pressured to get back into the shape quickly, which isn't for everyone but was a driving force for the blonde star.

"I liked it. As a rule, I don't function well unless I'm under pressure," she explained. "I think it's what helps you achieve your goals. When the children took naps, I'd take the opportunity to work out!"

There is no secret to how Elsa got her post-baby body back to its best. She simply stuck to a strict eating regime and ensured she exercised a lot. Although it wasn't always fun, she knew it was vital she was happy with her appearance when the cameras started rolling.

"I trained really hard and I watched what I ate. I spent some time every day preparing myself so I'd be able to feel good about going in front of the camera wearing lingerie. If you feel self-conscious, you won't look natural," she said.

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