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Emily Blunt: Be bold on the red carpet

British movie star Emily Blunt used to be "tentative" with her fashion choices but is now open to going all out.

(Cover) - EN Star Style - Actress Emily Blunt is happy to make a "spectacle" of herself on the red carpet by embracing colour and print.

In September (15) the brunette beauty hit the red carpet in London, UK, for the premiere of her new film Sicario. She looked amazing in a sequin Prada gown with red accents and a cut-out back. It marks an era of more confidence for the 32-year-old star as she uses fashion to cope with the pressures of being in the limelight.

"I've become a bit more bold with colour and print," she told "I was a bit more tentative when I first started out. Now, I love to embrace the spectacle of it, because it is an alien thing and an otherworldly thing to be photographed like that on the red carpet and have people screaming at you, so I might as well make a spectacle of it rather than look like myself."

Luckily Emily doesn't have to make all big style decisions herself. She has a dedicated team on hand to make sure she feels her best at events.

"I've been working with my stylist Jessica Paster for 10 years," she smiled. "She and I work very well together - it's nice to collaborate."

But it's not just expensive designer gowns that boost the star's confidence. Since having daughter Hazel, 19 months, with husband John Krasinski she's learnt to embrace the simple things in life.

"I feel confident when I've had a shower," she laughed. "I think sometimes the shower doesn't happen in the first part of the day when you have a kid. I always feel more confident when I've had a shower! You feel like a new person."

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