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Emily Blunt: I dress for myself

Emily Blunt "doesn't care" what people say about her red carpet outfits, as she knows her taste can't be to everyone's liking.

The British beauty regularly wows at industry events, but knows that her ensembles sometimes get slammed by critics.

Emily ignores such negative criticism and prefers to concentrate on wearing what she feels comfortable in.

"I like to mix it up, but I don't care what people say about what I'm wearing on the red carpet, because there's inevitably going to be someone who hates it, even if you wear something that a lot of people like," she explained in the May issue of UK magazine Elle

"I don't care. I know what I like and what I feel good in and I like to take a few risks. They're not huge strides."

Emily is the face of Yves Saint Laurent's iconic Opium fragrance. The brunette star thinks she embodies the qualities of the high-end label.

"I think it's a brand that will take risks," she said. "Plus, it's not very girlie and I'm not good at being girlie. In fact, I am useless at it."


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