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Emily Blunt: I exercise to snack

Emily Blunt says it's "not that fun" that she has to exercise to "accommodate [her] eating habits".

The stunning star boasts an enviably slim frame, but doesn't deny herself her favourite naughty snacks. Emily Blunt has joked her penchant for fattening dairy products means she has to work extra hard in the gym.

"I could watch the Food Network all day. I have to be strong-armed out of the house. If I'm on the couch, it will mean that my arm is magnetised. Sometimes I will watch and rush off to the supermarket. Cheese is my passion," she quipped in an interview with USA Today.

"It's not that fun. I have to go to the gym to accommodate my eating habits. I'm greedy, and I like to eat so I have to sweat it out the next day. I'd rather live life like that, in extremes, than starving. That makes me sad."

Emily insists her gym routine isn't that taxing. The British beauty maintains a healthy approach towards her body image and tries to diet and exercise in moderation.

"I quite enjoy exercising now. I used to hate it. I've learnt to make friends with it," she smiled.

"I don't consider myself one of those skinny-skinny people. I think a lot of people are a bit unhealthy. I've never felt that much pressure."


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