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Emily Kinney proud of 'cute' style

Emily Kinney enjoys keeping her sense of style "versatile".

The 28-year-old actress is best known for her role as Beth Greene in hit TV show The Walking Dead, which sees her dressed down as she escapes the clutches of zombies. When not on set Emily enjoys putting effort into her ensembles.

"Comfortable and versatile!" she smiled to Refinery29 when asked what her off-screen style is. "If I’m going to rehearsal with my band, I want to be somewhat comfy, but I do like to look somewhat cool and cute.

"My go-to is this pair of really cool hiking boots that I got at a thrift store in Colorado. I feel like I can wear those with even a dress - those or Chucks. Lately, I’ve been into high-waisted black jeans and crop tops."

Emily is drawn to bright shades when picking clothing and uses vivid tones in other areas of her life too.

"I am really into pink this season - it's a great pop of colour. I walk past this place, Posies Flower Shop, whenever I'm in New York. It's hard not to be inspired by the colours. I'd stop by to grab daisies to brighten up my apartment or to surprise a friend," she added.

As Beth in the horror programme, Emily is mostly seen in vest tops and cargo pants. If she could pick her own apocalypse outfit, the blonde star knows exactly what she'd wear.

"Ooh. Boots, jeans. You’d want to be really ready to run," she noted. "We all wear a lot of layers on the show. And, you'd need combat boots - the really high ones, black and almost to your knee. You could just walk through anything with those."

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